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5 Recently launched SEO trends


Nov 15, 2021

The unpredictable SEO industry constantly updates in this evolving era. Its updating nature is based on Google’s algorithm which updates from time to time. There are loads of practices to perform SEO but you must go along with the latest trends to be at the top in Hong Kong. Getting organic traffic nowadays is not that much hard for a well-ranked website. Adopting the hot SEO trends makes the process much simple and easy. Some trends get repeated and they will stay as long as SEO exists. So, give your business a boost up by availing these SEO trends by any trusted Hong Kong SEO service.


Value-giving content is the king of this SEO industry. Content should be authentic and original. But if the content is not up to the mark and unique then it is difficult to get high ranks on Google. You must invest proper time and think about your content, titles, and subtitles.

Create Video Content:

Internet users are getting updated with their tastes from time to time. In search of information, almost every internet user today prefers watching a video on YouTube than reading the content. Videos consume less time and are more engaging.

Web vitals:

This time SEO will focus on the user more than ever. This means websites are required to be optimized for a better user experience including quick response time and comfy mobile navigations to get counted into SERP top ten.

Google’s SMITH Algorithm:

Google’s latest algorithm makes BERT (Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers) algorithm to allow a better understanding of the purpose and intent of longer and detailed pages with the high vibrancy of content.

Voice Search:

It has changed the way of how the user behaves with search engines. Conversations are getting so happening on a regular basis in the era of AI, where answers are already ready for the questions for the users. Voice search changes the whole SEO landscape and makes it more efficient.   

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