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Apple Cash switches to Visa


Apr 23, 2022
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Apple has ported its Apple Cash card to the Visa payment network, as noted by: @Kanjo on Twitter. According to Ata Distance, the switch appears to have occurred on April 19, when the Apple Card began issuing enhanced fraud prevention notifications.

Apple Cash previously used the Discover payment network. Since Apple has not made an official statement about the change, it is unknown why it happened. But Visa is more widely accepted by merchants, so Apple Cash users can pay with it in more locations.

Apple Cash card details


How to activate your Apple Cash Visa card

Apple has not officially announced how and when Apple Case Visa cards will be issued. You may already have the Visa version; you can check this by launching Apple Wallet on your iPhone, tapping Apple Cash, and then tapping the “…” button at the top right. The Map Details section indicates which network the map uses.

If you’re still on the Discover network, you may be able to manually activate the switch to Visa. The process involves removing the Apple Cash card from your Wallet and then adding it again. Here’s how to do it on your iPhone.

Go to Settings > Wallet & Apple Pay. Flip the Apple Cash switch at the top to the off position. This should remove Apple Cash from the debit card list. Turn the Apple Cash switch back on. You must enter your Apple ID password. Then you will go through the process of adding the Apple Cash card to Wallet. An “Apple Cash has been set up” page should appear indicating that the process is complete. Tap Done. You can then verify that you are on the Visa network by tapping Apple Cash in the Payment Cards section. Scroll down to Card Details and Visa Debit will appear in the Network section if the switch is successful. If the switch to Visa was unsuccessful, try again in a day or two.Apple Cash Configuration


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