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Build a TPM module for your server


Apr 6, 2022

One of the big stories surrounding the announcement of Windows 11 was that it required support for TPM 2.0 or Trusted Platform Module. This takes the form of a built-in cryptographic processor, which Microsoft says will help against malware, but perhaps more importantly for Redmond, can be used to enforce DRM. Part of the standard includes a hardware module, and [Zane] built some for ASrock server motherboards.

The chip in question is the Infineon SLB9965, which with some research points more or less directly to the pins of the TPM socket on the motherboard. The interesting thing here lies in the background research it provides on TPMs, as well as the links to other resources on the subject. Chances are, most readers who need a TPM will just buy one, but any knowledge is helpful when it comes to these things.

Our weekly security roundup has been monitoring the use of TPMs for a while and even showed us some of the ways people have used to get around the modules.

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