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‘CODA’ Oscar Reportedly Encourages Watching Apple TV+


Apr 2, 2022

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A new report claims that Apple TV+ has seen a significant increase in new viewers due to the “CODA”-winning Oscar for Best Picture, and the movie itself is getting more views.

Apple never publishes meaningful ratings for Apple TV+, but “CODA” has reportedly caused a significant spike in the streamer’s fortunes.

According to Variety, an unnamed source close to Apple, claims that “CODA” was viewed 300% more in the week after the win than in the week before. The same source says Apple TV+ saw a total of 25% more new viewers, again in the week after the win and compared to the week before.

Without real numbers, it is impossible to draw any conclusions from these claims. Considering that “CODA” can clearly be viewed by both new and existing viewers, a 25% increase in new viewers resulting in a mere 300% increase seems less than amazing.

It is true that the new users should choose to sign in to the service with their Apple ID. So the 25% increase can’t just be attributed to, say, new iPhone SE buyers who happen to get three months of free Apple TV+ with their device.

However, all users get a free trial of a particular description. New device buyers get three months free, or a one-month free trial of Apple One that includes Apple TV+.

Each user also gets at least the first week’s free trial.

So while an increase in new viewers is hardly a bad thing, however many or few there are, the question is how many will stay.

Nielsen’s rating company is now tracking streaming providers, including Apple, but its public data is about three weeks behind air dates. So it’s too early to see if “CODA” has charted, but as of March 6, 2022, no Apple TV+ shows made the top ten.

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