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Discover The Rubber Spine For Condominiums


Nov 14, 2022
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Speed ​​bumps, also known as speed bumps Denver, are small ramps used on streets to reduce vehicle speed. Its presence is mandatory in condominiums, mainly to ensure the safety of residents and children. Often some condominiums use masonry spines. This can be a big problem for several reasons. For example, masonry speed bumps wear out over time, needing constant maintenance and often a complete rebuild. Another important point is the size of this construction: if the spine has a varying size, it can harm the mechanics of the vehicles that pass through it.

Unlike the masonry spine, the rubber spine is made with modules for easy Installation. It does not damage vehicles and serves its purpose: to purposely decrease the speed of vehicles inside the condominium and ensure the safety of pedestrians.

Rubber Speed Bumps For Condominiums

The speed bumps can be installed in the external or internal area of ​​the condominium.

Main Advantages of Rubberized Spine for Condominiums

These are the main advantages that the rubber speed bump brings to the condominium:

Easy Installation: as it is a piece made in 50cm modules, it is easily adapted to the size of the street. Therefore, it can be fixed to the frame with a hexagonal screw or parabolt.

No work is needed: even condominiums that want to change their masonry spine for a rubber one won’t have to worry much about work or road closure. The application of rubber spines is quick and can be used immediately after Installation is complete;

Durability: the rubber guarantees greater durability of the equipment. At the same time, it adapts easily, even on roads with continuous vehicle traffic;

Durability: the rubberized spine supports vehicles weighing up to 20 tons per axle. In addition, it works very well in any ambient temperature, with rain, very hot, or very cold;

Excellent Speed ​​Reducer: the condo speed bump is a great speed reducer that can be used even in parking lots. And best of all: it does not damage vehicles.

Rubber spine for garage.

Rubber speed bumps are ideal for controlling the speed of vehicles inside garages.

Ecologically Correct

Another differential of the rubber speed bump is, without a doubt, its importance for the environment. That’s because it’s made with used tire rubber. This means that a large part of the rubber that would not be used is used to make the spine.

Rubberized spine made with recycled tires.

The material used in the manufacture of the spine is recycled used tires.

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