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EU antitrust law could force Apple to make sweeping changes to Siri, App Store and more


Apr 22, 2022
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According to a leaked version of a European Union proposal, Apple may need to make major changes to the App Store and other services such as Messages and FaceTime.

On Friday, MacRumors reviewed a leaked document reflecting the “final version” of the April 13 DMA. According to the working paper, the EU plans to implement a number of significant changes to competition rules in Europe, including some previously unannounced changes. requirements.

For example, the regulations could force Apple to allow users to download apps from the web and third-party app marketplaces on iOS. It could force Apple to allow app developers to use whatever in-app payment systems they choose and promote offers directly to users.

More recent changes to the DMA included in the working paper may also bring regulation around browser engine interoperability and gatekeeping. For example, it will prevent companies from requiring developers to use a specific browser engine. For example, Apple requires all iOS browsers to use its WebKit platform.

In addition, the DMA proposal also includes provisions that could require companies to ensure that messaging, voice and video calling apps work with competing services and include end-to-end encryption. That could affect iMessage and FaceTime, but it’s not clear exactly how.

Other parts of the DMA include a change that requires companies to give the option to use a third-party voice assistant and parts that are intended to prevent companies from preferring their own apps and services in rankings or search results.

According to antitrust blog The Platform, the leaked version of the DMA could require tech giants to comply by 2024.

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