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eukhost Review: Affordable and Reliable Dedicated Server Host


Jun 28, 2022
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Creating and running a website that deals with business is tricky as there are quite a few things to consider such as security measures, budget, SEO, and several other elements.

A dedicated server is a perfect option if you aim to build your website on a sturdy foundation that can function optimally even with traffic spikes and offers customization options so you can choose the software you want to install.

A dedicated server is only assigned to your business and website and does not host several users as shared hosting does. The advantages of a dedicated server include high website reliability and stability as you have all the resources of your server at your disposal like ample storage, CPU, and RAM which is not accessible to any other user.

While a shared hosting service does not effectively shield you from being affected by the activities of other users on your server like running out of resources because they were used up by another; dedicated server hosting protects you from this happening.

In case your website experiences a lot of spikes in traffic, investing in dedicated hosting is the perfect way to guarantee smooth functioning without any glitches. 

What is a dedicated server?

Are you still unclear about what a dedicated server is exactly? Well, we have got you covered. Basically, dedicated hosting includes an entire server being assigned to a single user. So only that user can use the resources and have access to all the features of the server for their business and website.

These include RAM, CPU, storage, internet network, and bandwidth. You can enjoy optimal performance, along with advanced security and excessive customization with dedicated servers hosting. They are just focused on your individual needs. So the only aim is to maximize your performance and functioning.

Eukhost is one of the best web hosting companies that has been around for more than 2 decades, which has helped them assess the needs of their customers and devise plans that are highly compatible with a variety of businesses. Their dedicated hosting service includes web servers, a management panel that comes in-built, and great continuous server monitoring that makes using these servers for your business incredibly easy.

Let’s take a look at some of the important benefits of dedicated hosting:


A dedicated server allows a huge amount of flexibility to alter the server according to your specific requirements for disk space, storage, CPU, RAM, and software. Shared hosting only allows its customers’ restricted use of applications, OS, and software that is a part of the server already. There is a possibility that a customer’s specific needs might not be met with shared hosting. 

Dedicated server hosting, on the other hand, offers businesses the opportunity to alter their server environment to meet their needs. They can select the software and platform they require, helping get added control over their dedicated server. 

Maximum uptime and performance

Dedicated servers register relatively better uptime and performance as compared to other hosting options available in the industry. Your website rarely experiences downtime as you have access to a huge amount of bandwidth to take care of traffic even when it spikes. The main advantage is that your website’s loading time increases substantially which results in low bounce rates.

Moreover, dedicated hosting is even better than cloud hosting in many respects. Although the servers might have the same amount of resources, dedicated servers are known to still clock in better performance.

Dedicated resources

The best part of dedicated server hosting is that your entire server is under your command including all of your resources that you do not have to share with any other user. Your website will not slow down as a consequence of your website’s activity.

What makes eukhost the top most dedicated server host?

eukhost is one of the best web hosting providers globally with a wide range of managed dedicated hosting packages. They have a dedicated team of professionals with a huge amount of knowledge and experience that can help you with any issue that might arise at any time 24/7.

This helps monitor your entire system and find any irregularities and problems that might occur, thus taking care of them preemptively. They offer incredible flexibility and support too. You also get to pick the OS you want. The Intel Xeon processors eukhost employs boost the performance of all of its plans. Their SSD storage guarantees quick data access that heightens reliability.

You get the best-dedicated web hosting plans at the lowest, most economical prices as you can choose managed hosting which ensures your server management is done by the professionals we provide.

It ensures monitoring and management of your server all day and night which also helps boost its performance. eukhost also provides exceptional security features that ensure the protection of your entire operation from any attacks. The regulations put forth by the GDPR are followed by them as well.

It is the worst to think of losing your entire system to any kind of disaster, is it not? Well, Eukhost ensures that regular backups are conducted to create and save copies of your data to be recovered when necessary, thus decreasing downtime.

What are the benefits of eukhost’s dedicated hosting?

Once you shortlist your business requirements, you are allowed to choose the control panel that is most compatible with your requirements. The variety you can choose from includes Plesk, Direct Admin, and cPanel WHM are the option eukhost offers. In case your website is Linux-based, you will find cPanel or Direct Admin to be more useful; while Windows-based can go for the Plesk control panel. 

The best part of eukhost is the fact that you receive a bare metal server that offers the best security, reliability, isolation, and performance. They are perfectly built for businesses that deal with services requiring high performance.


In case your website is too slow and you want to increase its speed exponentially, this article highlights how eukhost’s dedicated web hosting service can help you achieve this with ease. Due to all of its features and resources, eukhost is one of the best-dedicated web hosting providers in the UK.

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