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Hands-on with Govee’s Lyra and StarPal smart bulbs


Mar 14, 2022
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If you’re looking for unique lighting solutions for your home, Govee’s Lyra Corner Lamp and StarPal Table Lamp are great ways to incorporate RGB LEDs into your favorite spaces.

Most of us are aware of LED light strips – and many of us have incorporated them into our homes. While we love them, there’s no denying that they can look a little bland when left outside.

To overcome this shortcoming, we often hide light strips behind monitors, TVs, headboards, and even under kitchen cabinets so we can see the light, but not what it’s producing.

However, there are times when you might want to add a pop of color in the open air. Sure, you can throw a color-changing LED into a table lamp, but there are other options.

Govee has provided two such alternatives. The first, Govee’s StarPal, is a small portable table lamp designed to fit into almost any space.

The second is the Lyra, an eye-catching statement floor lamp designed to throw color over your walls with its unique corner design.

govee app

Before we get into the lights themselves, let’s take a moment to discuss the app that makes the lights work: the Govee app.

The app, as we’ve discussed in the past, is fantastic. Not only is it easy to use, but it is also packed with features.

For example, it has times, the ability to create your own lighting schedules, dimming options, and more.

Various features within the Govee app

If you’re not into creating your own schedules, you can choose from over 30 presets the app has, from simple animated scenes to more elaborate presets. There are even presets for things like a night light mode.

Frustratingly, though, you still can’t dim many preset animated scenes the same way you can for single-color options. This means that some presets are exceptionally bright even when lowered to the lowest setting.

Still, for the most part, we enjoy the Govee app.

Important: Govee products are not currently compatible with HomeKit. While there are quite a few smart home-facing features, you just can’t use them with Apple’s platform.

Govee Ambient portable table lamp, also known as the StarPal

If you’re looking for a small table lamp, you might want to check out Govee’s Portable Table Lamp. Govee sometimes refers to it as the Govee StarPal.

Its small size makes it easy to place on a bedside table, side table or in the corner of a room. In addition, the high degree of diffusion provides a beautiful ambient light that does not produce “hot spots” of brightness.

The Govee StarPal can be customized to display thousands of colors

The Govee StarPal can be customized to display thousands of colors

Unlike many other customizable LED lights, the StarPal contains two types of white LEDs. It can produce a wide variety of warm and cool whites, rather than the typical yellow-or-blue whites seen in cheaper brands.

The StarPal also has a built-in battery, making it an ideal companion for a backyard game night or your next camping trip.

Govee claims you can get up to 4.5 hours of use on a single charge, but that depends a lot on how you use it. Every time you increase the brightness, you get a shorter battery life. The same goes for all animated color scenes.

On average, we got about two to two and a half hours of use for animated color scenes at medium to medium brightness.

Overall, it’s a nice little lamp with a decent price. While we’re still a little frustrated with the dimming features of certain scenes, it’s still one of the better standalone LED lights we’ve used.

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Govee Lyra floor lamp

While it may not suit everyone’s decor, the Govee Lyra is a striking lamp that you can use to illuminate the corner of a room.

Govee Lyra

Govee Lyra

Installation is surprisingly easy, although it is advisable to do this in an area with a little room to spread out. A second set of hands also makes setting a lot easier.

The Lyra can be adjusted through a wide range of white temperatures

The Lyra can be adjusted through a wide range of white temperatures

Like the StarPal, it has both warm and cool white LEDs, so you can choose your ideal color temperature between 2,200k and 6,500k.

In addition, this is an RGBIC lamp, which allows multiple colors to be displayed on a strip at the same time. This allows for more mixed gradients, higher overall brightness and a wider color gamut than traditional RBG strip lighting.

The Lyra also comes with a remote so you can control your lamp without needing your phone. It also magnetically clicks onto the lamp, so you don’t lose it as quickly.

For what it is, we love the Govee Lyra lamp. It’s especially nice for dark corners that could use some extra light.

It would also make excellent lighting for a teen room, a man cave, or a home theater or playroom.

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