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Jan 11, 2022
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As the COVID-19 is affecting the entire world and every nation is coping up with its own challenges brought along with the pandemic. The educational institutes are also subjected to these difficult times and throughout the world are adversely affected. It is estimated that around 1.2 billion children in 186 countries are currently being affected due to school closures. As every disaster brings an opportunity in disguise, there has been a massive upward shift in online traffic during the pandemic as the majority of the people have started operating from home, so as school and other learning institutes have adopted online learning models. The traditional methods of teaching in confined classrooms and teacher centric approach has started to diminish. A new era of online learning is taking its place with a more student centric approach towards learning and teaching. The new approach centered towards students is allowing students to think out of the box and making them efficient to teach themselves. This term is known as ‘The Flipped Classroom’. Watching and learning through videos has made it easier and a fun way of learning, as the class gets more virtually interactive and students can learn at their own pace. However, It is yet to be seen that to what extent online learning will stay as the norm in the post pandemic world and its effects on the global education market.

As we have discussed earlier that the online traffic has experienced a stellar growth due to the aftermath of the pandemic, has been proven successful for many tech companies who deal in offering software and programs which enables the users to connect with each other with the help of computers, webcam and microphone. It has given birth to a whole new world of online communication while being within the comfort zone of homes. This method of teaching has been proven convenient not just for students but also for teachers as they don’t have to be present in the classroom and can simply record lectures or take live online class sessions over the internet with the help of virtual connecting software. The pandemic has given a chance to many tech companies to get noticed by the user who never knew they even existed. For example ZOOM, a video conferencing app / software whose business exploded after the COVID -19, as its sales in the last 3 months of 2020 were up by 370%, compared to the same period in 2019. Although there are a number of other software and tools in the market which can offer video conference and screen recording services, let’s look at some of the top and most used by professionals.

1.             Wondershare Demo Creator

An easy to use screen recording software application for teachers to make class presentations, record demo videos and other knowledge based-videos. Other than screen recording the software also offers editing features to add a personalized touch to videos.

2.             CAMSTUDIO

It is a free screencasting software application for Microsoft Windows, offers videos in an AVI format and convertible to flash video format. It allows users to capture the entire screen and audio activity happening on computer and give control over video quality, frame-rates and time lapse. Although this software does look very basic in its skin and doesn’t hold many flashy editing features, it is very functional and sturdy.

3.             Screencastify

As for chrome users, this has been one of the best software, having all of its recording features free for its users, without watermarks. It is very easy to use and safe for both teachers and students, plus also offers free certification courses and basic membership.

As discussed in the above section of this article, there are many helpful tools and software applications facilitating teachers and students in online learning. There is one tool which amongst all other software is considered as an underdog. MOVAVI offers a great screen recording tool for teachers which enables them to capture webinars and share them with students. Making online video calls to get engaged in thoughtful lessons and enabling students to stay engaged throughout the sessions. The video calls feature can now allow teachers to get rid of traditional class assignments and enable students to instead of writing essays, can push them to make video assignments and enable them to get familiar with the use of technology. With the help of MOVAVI Screen recorder, the teachers can share video instructions regarding upcoming lectures and projects and can also make short video tutorials to skip the long boring lecture routines, which make students less interested in the learning process. Teachers can also grab streaming videos and online events to make the entire lecture more engaging and interactive and it opens up the possibility to learn and benefit from the multiverse of knowledge available on the internet. MOVAVI has been praised for creating an easy-to-use and friendly interface which means both students and teachers who are unfamiliar with technology can never be left behind. It is very simple to use in Windows PC, a user simply has to set recording parameters by choosing the capture area and adjust record settings, press the recording button and simply start recording the desktop. Moreover, it also allows its users with editable functions to tailor the videos to their specific requirements, which gives more power to teachers to create lectures with their own taste and method and students can also share their assignment in their own creative way. Overall, MOVAVI Screen recorder is a great award-winning software with a variety of meaningful features coupled with easy-to-use interface and loaded with powerful performance.

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