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Shredder rebuilt from the ashes, aims to produce more ashes


Apr 8, 2022

What do you do if you buy a broken shredder and find the gears in pieces during disassembly? You could reach for your 3D printer – this isn’t much of a shredder, though. [New Yorkshire Workshop] gives us a masterclass on how to breathe new life into equipment and put it to good use – this one aims to help turn their cardboard warehouses into briquettes for their wood-burning stove.

But first, of course, it had to be repaired – and it was, the crucial parts were redesigned and built around a sturdy wooden frame. It’s made into a machine that’s built to last; an effort not likely to be fueled with frustration after seeing how easily the stock sprockets disintegrated. The stock gear-based transmission was replaced with a gear and chain mechanism, the motor was wired through a speed controller and a washer pulley was used to transfer power from the motor to the freshly cleaned and re-oiled shredder mechanism itself. This shredder lost its shell along the way, much like a crab does when it expands – and this machine grew in size enough to become a hefty tabletop.

After cutting a lot of cardboard into shredder-friendly pieces, they show us the end result: unparalleled power to shred cardboard, produce bags on bags of thin-cut cardboard ready to be turned into fuel, making the workshop gets a little warmer to work in. flows well and is pleasing to the eye – it is a pleasure to observe someone who knows their way around the store like people at [New Yorkshire Workshop] do, and you get a lot of insight into the process and all the little tricks they have up their sleeve.

The ultimate goal has not yet been reached. The shredder’s output isn’t quite right for their briquette press, quite a project in itself, and we’ll be sure to see the continuation of this story in their next videos – a hydraulic briquetting press was suggested as one of the possible ways to proceed from here. go, and their latest video works right on that. Still, this is a beast of a shredder. If you’re suddenly hungry for powerful shredders after seeing this one, check out this 3D printed one.

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