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Turn timing diagrams into ASCII art, for friendlier pasting


Apr 4, 2022
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We all use text-based fields from time to time, and being limited to just ASCII can end up being a limitation. That’s what led [Luke Wren] to create asciiwave, a fantastic tool that converts WaveDrom timing diagrams into ASCII art. Unlike images, ASCII timing charts are suitable for pasting into comment fields, change logs, or anywhere else where only text is accepted.

WaveDrom itself is a handy JavaScript tool that we covered earlier. It accepts timing diagrams expressed as JSON data and creates beautifully readable digital timing diagrams as graphics directly in the browser.

As cool and convenient as that is, images cannot be pasted into text fields. That’s where asciiwave comes in. It reads the exact same format that WaveDrom uses, but instead generates an ASCII art timing diagram. So if you’ve found WaveDrom useful, but wish you could generate ASCII versions, here’s your solution.

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