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Very beautiful nail is actually a secret jewelry stash


Mar 11, 2022
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Typically, nails are purpose-built things made to hold bits of wood together, with their entire design focused on that purpose. However, [W&M Levsha] went the other way and made a very nice expensive nail in what we can only explain as a masterful demonstration of their skills.

Construction begins with a piece of copper tubing, which is engraved with a delicate pattern on an automated lathe. After clearing, the spiral lines are attractive on the polished brass. A plug is then made for the end of the pipe, which is filed into a point to resemble a nail, hiding the seam between the plug and the pipe.

The tube is then threaded to accept a nail head that screws into the top, allowing the “nail” to act as a nice little stock, which [W&M Levsha] shows off a bracelet in it. The project is completed by making a beautiful wooden box to hold the beautiful nail.

We have seen [W&M Levsha]’s handicrafts for; the capped cigarette lighter was an equally impressive feat of machining and craftsmanship. Video after the break.

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