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Apple’s ‘Underdogs’ returns to show how Apple products are powering small businesses


Mar 11, 2022
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Apple shared a new video in its “Apple at Work” series on Thursday, showing how Apple products, such as the iPad, iPhone and Apple’s own apps, can help small businesses achieve big goals.

In 2019, Apple released “The Underdogs,” a three-minute film that followed a group of four office workers who came together to complete a seemingly impossible task: making a round box.

In 2020, the crew reunited remotely in a short film showcasing Apple’s collaboration tools. The team used FaceTime, iMessage, Notes, and more to create another impossible project: Pandora’s box.

The Underdogs have reunited in a nine-minute film. This time, the characters were portrayed with Apple devices and the new business features were offered to get together and start their own startup company.

Along with the new video, Apple’s Business site has been updated to include a feature on Apple Business Essentials. The service provides small businesses with tight Apple integration, from onboarding, backups, privacy options, to repairs.

The site also shows how different devices can meet the needs of a business thanks to Apple’s software and hardware features.

Apple Business Essentials will launch in Spring 2022, with a beta version of the service available immediately.

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