Hook Heart: Don’t take chances with your love life! 

In myth, cupid is portrayed as a winged-flying baby who shoots arrows that enchant two people to fall madly in love. Of course, cupid is not real, only a figment of one’s creative imagination, and possibly a metaphor for a “higher love.” However, Hook Heart is as best as Cupid gets in real life! This proven, virtual matchmaker brings together real people with matching interests with the hope of a fruitful long-term relationship. If you haven’t been so lucky in love, meeting people who turn out to have nothing in common, Hook Heart offers excellent chances for the happy ending you desire. Beyond the metrics of romance, Hook Heart is also a platform to make friends to share life’s precious moments with. Meet up, have fun, and explore India and its beautiful people on Hook Heart! 

Hook Heart Features 

Get Hook Heart for iOS or Android from the respective stores. Friend and love seekers can look forward to the following: 

  • Relationships of any kind are a two-way street: A match up means both parties are interested and it’s the only way to start a conversation ensuring consent from both ends 
  • Verified database: social media is full of fakes, anyone can create an account and paint whatever façade they want the world to see. Not on Hook Heart! Profiles are scanned down to the nitty-gritty ensuring only the truth surfaces; no fakes, no bots.  
  • Progressive matchmaking and organic dating: The best part about friendships is getting to discover each other. Hook Heart ensures that constant mystery that makes relationships fun by revealing more and more about someone’s profile as you get to know each other better. 
  • Meet new people and discover new worlds as you explore life beyond the borders of yourself. 
  • Special gift vouchers upon subscription. It’s double delight for users as they get rewards upon singing for one of the five payment plans 

How Hook Heart Works 

Hook Heart builds a network of closely-located people and drifts together persons with shared personalities, passions, or views on life. However, it doesn’t reveal everything all at once in regards to a person’s profile. It works on a swiping concept and, after match up, a slow-reveal system that builds relationships in steps. You can subscribe at Rs100 for a month, Rs 200 for 3 months, Rs 499 for 6 months, and Rs 500 for a year.   


How Hook Heart is different from all others 

Hook Heart offers the most accurate real-time matching courtesy of ultra-modern geolocation features! Your new friend may be right around the corner, quite literally, and Hook Heart will help you find him or her. No matter where you are in India, you can match up with singles or potential besties anytime you want without fail. Hook Heart is always reliable wherever you go, just like the like-minded friend or lover you are about to meet on the app!


Try Hook Heart for a shot at genuine friendship and love! 


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Hook Heart: Don’t take chances with your love life! 

In myth, cupid is portrayed as a winged-flying baby who shoots arrows that enchant two people to fall madly in love. Of course, cupid...

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